June 15

“It is folly, and ignorance of one’s true position to grieve because one has not got something or because something has caused us rough treatment.” – Seneca

Where we are right now in life is where we are right now in life.

What we have right now in life is what we have right now in life.

The things that have happened to us – good and bad – are the things that have happened to us.

We have no control over these things. Perhaps we did at one point, many of the things we have and the positions we have acquired are the result of many small decisions we have made over a period of time. Sometimes that period is our entire lifespan thus far. But as of right now, we have zero control over where we are. We are at the starting point we are at and the sooner we accept that the sooner we will see the best way to move forward.

Anything we want to change about where we are, what we have, or how we are dealing with things that have happened to us, these things will take time to change.

If for example, we want to be in better shape. It is going to take several months before we see results, it will likely take several weeks of work before we even feel any results. But we still have to get up, move our bodies, avoid the wrong foods, eat the right foods, sweat, work hard, and all of that has to happen over and over again before we even see or feel the slightest change. Any positive change worth making is going to be the same.

But it will be worth it. We can stop wanting and start working today. We start where we are.

virtus fortis vocat


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