June 16

“To bear the ills of mortal life, and to submit with good grace to what we cannot avoid.”      – Seneca

We can’t hide. Life is coming. It’s coming hard and fast and it has bad things in store for us. We can lock ourselves away and still it is going to strip away the things we love, it is going to break us down and then it will kill us. And when life is done with us, the world will move on and most everyone left behind will have no idea we ever existed. The fact that we are alive right now, reading this means that this ending is inevitable for each of us. We have our quiet, meaningless little corner in the world for this short and insignificant time.

But it is ours. And we are free.

And in this little corner, during this insignificant time, we control how we see the world we live in. We control the experience we have and we control the manner in which we bear the burdens that life is going to heap on us whether we accept them or not.

The more we choose to see the world as full of opportunities, oddly enough, the more opportunities we have presented to us. The more we choose to see the people we interact with as partners in a great game of life, the more we build meaningful relationships.

This is not a believe it until we become it idea. This is an idea that screams, enjoy it because it is going to destroy us either way idea. Let’s make the most of it, squeeze every drop from the fruit and enjoy our time becoming the best people we can.

virtus fortis vocat


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