June 27

“A person who sets the rules of their life will soar aloft and strive to make their way to the gods: of a truth, even though they fail, they fail in a high emprise.” – Seneca

When we set the standards for ourselves, life doesn’t just happen to us, we control the one thing we have control over. Ourselves. When we fail to set our own rules, when we fail to create our own standards, life will set the rules and standards for us. We will drift into becoming whatever it is people become when they choose to drift through life like a ship without a captain. Let’s not find out what that is.

When we choose not to attempt to master ourselves, when we choose not to employ self discipline, when we choose not to control our thoughts, actions, and words then we are choosing to live through reaction and impulse. We are choosing to be less than we could be.

When we choose to work towards self mastery, and especially when we commit to it and understand that it is a life long commitment, we have to know that we will fail. But we fail high. We fail in a manner that still makes us great. Because the journey that ends in that failure will have helped push us into becoming the best version of ourselves that we were able to achieve within a lifetime.

More could be asked of no one.

virtus fortis vocat



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