June 28

“I will despise riches when I have them as much as when I have them not; if they be elsewhere I will not be more gloomy, if they sparkle around me I will not be more lively than I should be otherwise.” Seneca

It’s not wrong to have nice things, it’s not wrong to enjoy nice things, it’s not wrong to work hard to get nice things that we want.

It is important to retain the perspective that the nice things we choose to enjoy are there simply for our enjoyment and while they may brighten our day a little, and they definitely make life a little easier, they are not the things that make life great. They are also not the things that make us great.

Wealth is a status symbol not because of what the wealth itself provides, but because of what it represents. A person who has accumulated wealth must have a level of ability and an intellect to allow such an accumulation to occur and persist. Those abilities and intellect are still there is the wealth is stripped away and in fact it is often people who are capable of much but content living with less who enjoy an ability to live outside of the normal bounds of social pressures. People who may not have accumulated wealth but are content and at peace with their position in life tend to garner the admiration and respect of people from all walks of life.

Let’s be those people. Even if the respect we earn is only our own.

virtus fortis vocat


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