June 30

“Whatever I may possess, I will neither hoard it greedily nor squander it recklessly. I will think that I have no possessions so real as those which I have given away to deserving people.” – Seneca

Life is going to put us through a lot. Much of it will be difficult and we will have to endure. Much of it will be mundane and will make up the part of life where we press forward and keep in mind our end goals. This part is like rowing through doldrums rather than waiting for the wind. And some of life is just downright wonderful, enjoyable and these are the parts that we savor and enjoy. they make the hard days worth it and the dull days more bearable. Enjoying the good times is a way to prevent the hard times from beating us down. The best way to enjoy good times is to share them with others.

Similarly life will bring us things, some of them very nice. We will at times even have the opportunity to own or experience things that we know are above our station in life. Being a good steward of what life gives us offers us the the opportunity to enjoy these rare things and experiences that we are provided with. But sharing them with others is the way that we truly get to experience just how good the good things in life can be.

We should be sharing our wealth, whether that wealth is material or immaterial, with the people we share our lives with.

virtus fortis vocat


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