July 17

“Riches are slaves in the house of a wise man, but masters in that of a fool.” – Seneca

Money, wealth, and related instruments are exactly that to those who understand the limits between the things they have control over, instruments. People who understand that these things are tools to be used to make our lives more enjoyable, more comfortable or to improve the lives of those around us also tend to understand that they can get by just fine without as much as they currently have. Life may not be as comfortable or as interesting and they may have to focus more on their own issues and less on those around them but they will still be able to enjoy life.

Those of us driven by the accumulation of wealth on the other hand will never be able to truly enjoy life. Yes, those people will experience the finer things, they will have more comfort, more pleasure, and even more leisure than the rest of us but they will always be haunted by the need to accumulate more. They will serve their wealth instead of allowing their wealth to serve them.

We might not have everything we want but we have way more control over deciding to want less than we do over being able to get more.

virtus fortis vocat




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