July 18

“You accustom yourself to wealth and cling to it as if somebody has promised you it would be yours forever, but a wise man never thinks about poverty so much as when he is surrounded by wealth.” – Seneca

They are called the trappings of life for a reason. Originally ‘trappings’ referred to the adornments placed on the bridle and saddle of horses to display power and prestige, the trappings of life remain the same; pretty but functionally irrelevant.

And we get used to having them, no matter how much we accumulate, we get used to having it. That’s called hedonic adaption. We get used to being where we are, we get comfortable. We become complacent.

Unless we decide to keep the possibilities clearly in mind. It can all be taken away from us at any time. We have no control over how life is going to come at us. We are all just a car accident, an illness, or an identity theft away from having our entire lives twisted completely sideways.

That shouldn’t scare us, but it should put into perspective where we are, what we can expect and what we can control. Tomorrow everything could be completely different, completely alien to what we want or expect. But we should know deep down that we can handle it. Come what may.

Because we control us, we control our outlook, we control our attitude. We should keep front and center in our minds at all times that the fortune we enjoy right now is fickle and can disappear. But we should also know with equal certainty that even if it does, we will still be in control of what matters.

virtus fortis vocat


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