July 19

“No general ever trusts so implicitly in the maintenance of peace as not to make himself ready for war.” – Seneca

Similarly we should never trust so well in the skills we’ve gained or the life we have built for ourselves to ever want to stop finding little ways to make ourselves better. Because the little things turn into big things. Sure, we may have finally landed the job we wanted but how do we excel at it? How can we improve the experience for the people that our job impacts? How can we be the best at what we do without developing an ego that will get in our way?

This same principle can be applied to so many areas of our lives. We will see successes, especially if we set realistic and attainable goals in the short term but that shouldn’t take our minds off the fact that we will never be finished, we will never be perfect. Becoming the best person we can become is a lifetime accomplishment and even when we finally close our eyes for good, there will be things we did not finish.

But our example will live on in the lives we touch and if we can set an example of what the quest for perfection looks like and if we can share with as many people as we influence through that example just how much this quest has made our lives better then even though we fail to become perfect we succeed in inspiring those who come behind us. That is the best legacy a person could leave behind.

virtus fortis vocat


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