July 23

“Although this conduct of yours does not hurt me, yet, for your own sakes, I advise you, respect virtue: believe those who having long followed her cry aloud that what they follow is a thing of might, and daily appears mightier.” – Seneca

There is amount of frustration that comes with always doing the right thing in dealing with other human beings. There will be times where it feels as if getting ahead is a futile effort and the entire world is stacked in favor of those willing to bend their ethics in order to get the immediate win.

And while the easy thing to do is to tell ourselves that everyone gets what they deserve in the end, we also know at some level that is is fundamentally not true. Terrible people succeed all the time. Good people struggle and some of them never seem to catch a break in life.

But these are things that we can not control and we do not worry about the things that lie outside of our control. Instead, we focus on the things that lie firmly within our sphere of influence. We focus on working towards being our best selves, in all situations, all of the time. We might not always be successful but we always put in the effort.

And our best self does the right thing, in every situation. Even if it hurts.

virtus fortis vocat



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