July 25

“The hardness of flint is known by none so well as those who strike it.” – Seneca

The difficulty of life is present in all of our lives but those among us who rise and meet that difficulty head on with the intention of not just getting through the difficulty but harnessing it and using it to their advantage to become better people and maybe even find an opportunity in the difficulty, they alone taste the sweetness life has to offer.

Sure sitting in the sun and enjoying its warming rays feels good to all of us, but how much better does it feel to someone who has been cold, wet, tired, and in the dark for several days?

Life is going to bring hardship to our front door whether we are prepared for it or not. It will show up whether we are willing to make the most of it or not as well. But what won’t happen, is we won’t be able to learn and grow, we won’t get the experience life has to offer if we don’t accept the hardship and try our best to get something good out of it.

We will never know just how good we are until we strike out at the hard times we are going through and try to break off just a little piece of goodness to make something out of. And until we do that, we will never know just how hard we can be.

virtus fortis vocat


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