July 26

“Bound upon me, rush upon me, I will overcome you by enduring your onset: whatever strikes against that which is firm and unconquerable merely injures itself with its own violence.” – Seneca

The world will bound upon us. Life will come at us fast, hard, and eventually it will kill us all. But between now and that day, we get to choose how we allow the hardships life has in store for us to affect us.

There is always a choice. And whether we choose to make a choice or allow ourselves to choose without thinking, we are always making a choice. We can choose to be reactive, completely affected by the things happening to and around us. In this case we are choosing to be affected by things we can not control and our lives will be an endless course of frustration, annoyance, and irritation punctuated by moments of pleasure and enjoyment for certain but even then we are likely to miss out on fully enjoying these as we respond to external stimuli. Or we can choose to be resolute, steadfast, and completely detached from the things happening to and around us. Paradoxically, it is by stepping back and detaching from the things happening to and around us, that we are able to enjoy the process we are involved in.

And when we start to enjoy even the difficult things, we become the rock that the rest of the world either relies on or breaks itself against.

virtus fortis vocat


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