July 27

“Why do you not rather cast your eyes around yourselves at the ills which tear you to pieces on every side, some attacking from without, some burning in your own bosoms?”   – Seneca

We are all guilty. It’s probably the most common of the human conditions. We make snap judgments about the faults of others but take ages to recognize our own faults and often we never go about the effort of addressing them.

Too often, the things we see in others are simply a product of us catching them in moments that are not their finest or us filtering their actions through the lens of our own experience.

Unlearning this behavior will likely take a lifetime and while it is a worthwhile endeavor, there is at least one thing we can do daily to help make ourselves a little more aware of how this weakness creeps into our daily lives.

We should, at least once daily, think back on the previous day and try to find a few instances where if someone had caught us in just that moment and made a judgment call about us, they would be left thinking we were completely incompetent.

Chances are, we will be able to find several without even really thinking too hard and long about it. If we practice we can become good at this, if we are consistent, this will spill over into other aspects of our lives and we will find ourselves being a little more forgiving with our judgment of others.

And that would make us better than we are today.

virtus fortis vocat



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