July 28

“Certain moments are torn from us, some are gently removed, and others glide beyond our reach. The most disgraceful kind of loss, however, is that due to carelessness.”              – Seneca

We get this time. We get now and we get to do it here. Practically all of us will have a tomorrow, almost all of us will have a month, nearly all of us have a year, many of us have a decade, maybe even a few decades. But none of us have a century left. None.

These moments, these are what we build a life out of. The moments we spend the majority of our time thinking about, planning, and saving our hard earned money for, those moments are distractions. They are fulfilling and important distractions to be sure but even the trip of a lifetime is not what makes a lifetime.

Life is lived in the mundane, the day to day. How we treat the people we share this life with when we get to spend time with them is what makes our life.

For most of us, the important parts of our lives will be the relationships we have with others. Most of the time we spend with those people involves things such as, getting ready for work in the morning, making and eating dinner, and doing chores. Life is lived in the mundane.

But how we choose to experience the mundane is what makes a life. Let’s make ours worth living.

virtus fortis vocat


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