July 31

“I do not regard a person as poor, if the little that remains is enough for them.” – Seneca

Not being able to meet our needs would be a terrible thing. There are people on Earth today, this very moment, who are going to lose their lives because they can not get enough to eat.

Chances are, if we are reading these pages on the internet, we not only are far removed from that risk but the risk is so foreign to us that we would rather forget that it exists and is a reality for over three million people a year.

Paradoxically, remembering that the world is full of suffering and pain that we can not begin to imagine is the surest way to contentment. Because when we are aware of how bad things are for some people and when we realize that those around them still survive and press on, even in the face of completely ambivalent darkness, we can worry a little less about our own ‘problems.’

We are not starving, we do not know what true thirst really feels like, we are no exposed to the elements against our will, and on top of that we have access to all of the information we could ever want at the tips of our fingers. We are richer than our ancestors ever could have imagined.

Let’s not allow ourselves to be richer than we appreciate.

virtus fortis vocat



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