August 4

“But if you consider any man a friend whom you do not trust as you trust yourself, you are mightily mistaken and you do not sufficiently understand what true friendship means.” – Seneca

Friendship is one of the greatest experiences we can have on Earth. True friendship takes people who have similar interests, goals, and life experiences and places them in a position of complete support for one another with nothing to be gained by the other except for the joy of watching our friends do well.

Friends are easy to identify in our lives. They are the people that we would not only step aside for if we happened to be going for the same goal but we would instead find ourselves working to help them accomplish that goal. But then if friends would get out of each other’s way, going for the same goal is actually a great way to collaborate and find better goals. Because friends don’t want to watch each other fail. Even a little.

And there it is. If we don’t have someone in our lives we would do anything to help succeed in any arena, we should work on finding that person. We find that person by being that person for someone else. Because friendship is the greatest part of life.

virtus fortis vocat




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