August 8

“Death arrives; it would be a thing to dread if it could remain with you. But death must either not come at all, or else must come and pass away.” – Seneca

We all started life at some point. There is a point we can all point to in history where we did not exist at all. There is a point in the future – one that remains a mystery to us – where we will cease to exist.

In between those two points we are going to fit a life. The type of life we choose to fit in this space is up to us for the most part. Things will happen to us that lie outside of our control but the largest part of what our life is composed of is decided by us.

We spend so much time fearing the last bit of it. The fact that we are reading this, means that death is for sure, one hundred percent, coming for us at some point.

But that’s it. Death will come at some point and then it will be over. The decision has already been made for us.

Oddly enough, that’s what makes us lucky. The sheer odds of the material that forms the very basis of our being coming together to form the individuals that we became outnumber the stars we can see on the clearest of nights more than fifty times.

So let’s enjoy our good fortune and make the most of this tiny little slice of history we have right now.

virtus fortis vocat


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