August 12

“No man has ever been so far advanced by Fortune that she did not threaten him as greatly as she had previously indulged him.” – Seneca

We will never be so successful that we cannot fail. We will never rise so far above our current station that we cannot be pulled back down, even lower than we were when we started. We can never escape the things that we can not control. Life will always have hardships in store for us and may at some point present us with what appears to be absolute ruin.

Even then, in those moments when we might be tempted to feel as though the entire world is against us and we will never have the life we want or the life we feel we deserve we need to remember, we are still responsible for making the most out of the life we have been given. We are still the ones who are in control of our actions, emotions, and intentions. And we are responsible for remaining in control of those things.

Oddly enough, by doing just that. Remaining in control of the things we can and being able to accept the things we can not control, we already have the tools to rebuild our lives no matter how far down the currents of fate drag us.

But it takes us being able to see the bigger picture and it takes being brutally honest with ourselves. We need to look at everything that happens and ask ourselves if we have any control, do we play a role or are caught in waves we can not swim against.

If we are caught in the waves, we’d do better to learn to surf than to try to swim.

virtus fortis vocat


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