August 19

“Beasts avoid the dangers which they see, and when they have escaped them they are free from worry; but we torment ourselves over that which is to come as well as over that which is past.” – Seneca

Life is going to bring hard times right to our front door without asking us if we are ready, without giving us any warning, and without any concern for our ability to handle those hardships. We can prepare ourselves to deal with those hardships by separating out the things we can control from the things we can not and getting really good at controlling the things we can. But we can not affect the things we have no control over and worrying about those things takes our energy away from being able to control what we can.

We can exercise, eat right, and get enough rest but we can not prevent injury or guarantee that our health will remain. We can work hard, save a percentage of our income, invest, and manage our finances as well as possible and tragedy or disaster could still take away all of our wealth. We can raise our children to be safe, we can build safe homes, live in safe neighborhoods, and have an excellent support network but things can still happen and tragedy can strike anyone.

But worrying about the world we live in does nothing to prevent that. It only takes us away from what we should be focusing on, getting as good as we can at the things we can control.

And if we can handle that, we can handle the rest.

virtus fortis vocat


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