August 21

“If wisdom were offered to me under the express condition that it must be kept hidden and not uttered, I should refuse it.” – Seneca

We should learn every skill with the intention of eventually passing it on to someone else, as many someones as we possibly can.

And waiting until we master a skill in order to start teaching it to others robs us of the ability to get as much as possible out of our own learning. We learn how much we don’t know by trying to teach everything we do to someone interested in learning.

The key to getting the most we can out of teaching others the little that we know is to maintain our humility and our detachment.

Detachment allows us to step back a little bit and see ourselves and our activities from the outside. This helps us find the areas we are not as strong and keeps us from trying to teach things we do not understand. This allows us to remain helpful to others without risking becoming confidence scam artists.

It is our humility however, that allows this to occur in the first place. Admitting to ourselves that we do not understand the subject we are teaching one hundred percent allows us to admit that to others. Once we have admitted that we are not experts, it allows us to admit when we don’t know something and gives us an opportunity to highlight and correct our own weaknesses.

And that will eventually be what makes us experts.

virtus fortis vocat




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