August 27

“You may say: ‘For what purpose did I learn all these things?’ But you need not fear that you have wasted your efforts; it was for yourself that you learned them.” – Seneca

If we are starting to get down on ourselves because we have decided we are going to get in shape, we’ve worked hard for months and are finally seeing the changes we were going for and no one noticed, we are forgetting the point of getting in shape.

If we have been working hard at managing our time and not allowing distractions to take away from our focus and we have been getting things accomplished left and right but we are upset that no one has noticed, we are forgetting why it is important to manage our time well.

If we have been working on controlling our emotions and we have found ourselves becoming less upset, taking fewer things personally, and making clearer decision but we are bothered by the fact that our loved ones haven’t mentioned how collected we seem, we are missing the point of practicing emotional discipline.

We are trying to become the best versions of the people we could become because it is the right thing to do with the time that we have on this planet. Not because we want other people to notice us or our accomplishments but because we want to actually have achieved something and self mastery is available to all of us. If we are willing to put in the effort.

At the end of it all. We are the trophy.

virtus fortis vocat



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