August 28

“Your good qualities should face inward.” – Seneca

While loving ourselves unconditionally is not likely to lead to actual progress in becoming a better person, remembering that we are human and forgiving ourselves will help keep the brutal self reflection required to maintain forward progress from turning into self hate.

We should remember to be kind to ourselves. Not to overlook our faults but to accept them and understand that if we are going to change them, we need to acknowledge that we have the ability to change them. We are capable people.

We should remember to be generous with ourselves. We shouldn’t spoil ourselves but we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves when we enjoy a bit of comfort either. It is good to know we could have done just fine without the comfort but it’s also fine to prefer to be comfortable.

We should be forgiving with ourselves. We don’t need to indulge our weaknesses but we need to have the detachment necessary to recognize when we have allowed weakness to win and to see the ways in which we could have done better. Then we need to find the strength to actually do better.

Most importantly we need to be honest with ourselves. And just like with others we need to remember that honesty and rudeness have a fine line. We make mistakes because people do that. We fail because we try difficult things and are still learning. We will never be perfect. But we can’t stop trying.

virtus fortis vocat


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