August 29

“Halt before every good which Fate brings to you, in a spirit of doubt and fear; for it is dumb animals and fish that are deceived by tempting hopes.” – Seneca

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the luxuries and comforts life provides us with. There is nothing wrong with working hard, sacrificing in other areas, and enjoying some well earned rewards once in awhile.

But there is something wrong with trading the time we have spent for goods or services we don’t really need and that we are going to end up taking for granted or worse, regretting.

And that is exactly what happens when we start to spoil ourselves and allow ourselves to become soft and accustomed to the easy life. It’s called hedonic adaption and we are all susceptible to it’s pull.

We get used to our current level of comfort, if we maintain our current level of comfort. This can be used for and against us. We can continuously increase and improve on our current level of comfort and luxury, we can grow fat and soft, we can become dependent on our luxuries for our happiness. And we can become those people who complain when the power goes out, if a flight has to be canceled, or if they are inconvenienced by any other little thing that is outside their control.

Or, we can continuously and purposefully strip away out comforts, little by little we can become less dependent on our technology, the world around us. We can learn to be comfortable wherever we end up. And then we can enjoy the moments that life brings us a bit of luxury all the more.

We can become any variation of either person that we choose.

But we have to choose.

virtus fortis vocat


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