September 2

“In this sense the wise man is self sufficient, that he can do without friends, not that he desires to do without them.” – Seneca

We are social creatures. In fact, one of the components to a long and healthy life is having a decent amount of social engagement. Being involved in our communities gives us a sense of purpose, it also gives us things to look forward to. Both of these give us reasons to go on and reasons to take care of ourselves.

But, as we move along the path to becoming the best versions of ourselves we can become there will be periods of time where we have to travel alone. Alone in this case may be literal, it may also be figurative as in we lose the ability to confide in the people closest to us. This might be because we have gown apart from our current circle of friends, it might be that people no longer want to spend time with us, or we might find that we no longer want to spend time with others. Whatever the case, we should look at these moments as temporary and important to our personal development.

We should use our solitary time to develop skills and abilities in ourselves that make us better friends, better family members and better community members when we are able to return to our communities both physically and mentally.

We should get good at being alone so that we can become better at being in a community.

virtus fortis vocat



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