September 4

“For what purpose the, do I make friends? In order to have someone for whom I may die, whom I may follow into exile, against whose death I may stake my own life, and pay the pledge, too.” – Seneca

A paradox about being successful, or even feeling successful, in this life is that it is incredibly rare to attain a reasonable level of success without having also provided a comparable level of service to others.

Why not apply this also to our personal lives? Imagine for a moment just how much better all of our relationships will be if we turned our focus from what we are getting out of them to what we are giving to the people in our lives.

At the most basic and personal level, let’s imagine if we worked an entire day, came home and made dinner, while dinner was cooking we emptied the dishwasher and prepared everything for the day tomorrow, after dinner; we cleaned up, put away any clean laundry, started any dirty laundry, emptied the cat boxes, took out the recycling, and still had a good attitude while we did it. Then imagine that we lived with a spouse, a room mate, another human being who was trying to do the same thing. Life would be easy.

And it can be, if we live our lives with the goal of making life a little better for everyone around us, our lives will become infinitely better.

And like many things, it’s best to start at home.

virtus fortis vocat



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