September 5

“One who seeks friendship for favorable occasions, strips it of all its nobility.” – Seneca

Friendship is a great gift to give another person but it is even better to receive it yourself. The best way for us to have friends who think well of us, would drop everything they were doing to help us, and return our friendship with true friendship is for us to actually be true friends.

A true friend wants nothing from us but everything for us. A true friend wants to see us succeed in every endeavor and is there to protect us from as many hardships as possible. Even when we are the source of our own hardships as we often are.

The best way to have a true friendship, is to be a true friend to others.

If we find ourselves in any situation thinking about what is truly best for our friend and doing our best to be sure that is going to be the outcome, in any area we can control of course, we might just be true friends to that person.

Too often, however, we will have friendships that we see as a give and take. Too often, we might expect a friend to pull their own weight. These are not true friendships and they aren’t true friendships simply because we are not being true friends.

We’d do better to be true friends. Even if it means having fewer friends.

virtus fortis vocat

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