September 6

“The wise man is sufficient unto himself for a happy existence, but not for mere existence. For he needs help towards mere existence; but for a happy existence he needs only a sound and upright soul, one that despises Fortune.” – Seneca

Life is going to heap some misery on us and it is going to dole out some blessings as well. Neither of these are necessarily reflective of how well we are doing or what we really deserve in life. Life isn’t really like that, we don’t all get what we deserve and sometimes life is really hard and for some of us life will be relatively easy. And we have no control over that.

We do however, have control over our own minds, our actions, our reactions, and our thoughts. Well we should anyway and we can learn to gain control over these things. And by doing just that, that little thing we unlock the secret to so much of life’s happiness.

Learning what we have control over and what we do not is not complicated, we have control over ourselves. That’s it.

Then we simply have to exert that control at all times towards the best possible outcome and we will be happy. Simple right? Simple yes. Easy, not so much. In fact learning and mastering self control is likely the most difficult thing we will face in our lifetime.

It is also the most rewarding. It is the key to a happy life.

virtus fortis vocat



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