September 11

“When persons are in mourning, or fearful about something, we are accustomed to watch them that we may prevent them from making a wrong use of their loneliness.”        – Seneca

How often do we find ourselves watching over ourselves, when we are lonely, anxious, or maybe just bored? This is when we will find ourselves at our most self destructive and we will find ourselves more likely to self sabotage.

Whether we are trying to quit smoking, start exercising, or just eat a little better we will always find that the times we stray from those goals are times when we have the down time to allow ourselves to self sabotage.

Whether we are talking ourselves into making the wrong choices, rationalizing it by comparing ourselves to our peers, or allowing the weakness to creep in under what we thought were our best defenses, we will find that when we are engrossed in other more productive endeavors, we don’t struggle with these things as much. Not to say we should keep ourselves busy for the sake of being busy but it would do well by us to find several projects at a time that require a good deal of our attention and ability. Things we may have always wanted to accomplish. Maybe some things we have always wanted to learn. And when we find ourselves with some down time, we should pull out these projects and work on them for a little while. We should carry with us the books we want to read, the things we want to learn. And when stuck waiting, we should use that time to read, to learn, to improve. Ten minutes of reading three times a week works out to twenty six hours a year.

As we develop this into a habit, it will get easier. We’ll get used to pulling out a book instead of lighting a cigarette or reaching for junk food.

Our lives are made up of a composite of all of our little choices. Let’s make them the ones we want them to be.

virtus fortis vocat

The Dichotomy of Leadership



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