September 12

“For by no wisdom can natural weaknesses of the body be removed. That which is implanted and inborn can be toned down by training, but not overcome.” – Seneca

Anyone who has ever interviewed for a position with a company or organization has likely been asked to describe their biggest weakness. The idea behind it likely being that people who understand their own limitations will also understand the need to collaborate with people whose strengths complement their own weaknesses. People who can recognize and talk about their weaknesses are also more likely to work on improving in these areas. This makes them better leaders. We all need to be leaders, even if we are only leading ourselves.

But we also need to recognize that our weaknesses, whether they are things we have had for life or if they are weaknesses we have allowed to develop, they will always be there. We can work to minimize their effects, we can build new habits and new strengths to counteract our weaknesses, we can even work at turning weaknesses into strengths but they will always be there.

Our weaknesses will always haunt us in the background, even when we are at our best. We will never be completely rid of them. They lie there waiting, waiting for us to have a bad day, for us to get tired, for us to get weak. And then they will bubble to the surface, we might not even recognize it when they come.

That is why we need to stay vigilant, we need to recognize our weaknesses and we need to be working to keep them at bay, to minimize their effects. Every single day. As we build healthy habits, it will become easier. But they will always be there, waiting for us to tell ourselves we can relax a little, let our guard down.

And that is why we have to stay vigilant.

virtus fortis vocat

The Dichotomy of Leadership


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