September 14

“Life is most delightful when it is on the downward slope, but has not yet reached the abrupt decline.” – Seneca

As a society, we complain about getting older, we work against the ravages of old age, we esteem youth and beauty, and we marginalize our elderly.

We should keep in mind, that Seneca was writing these words almost two thousand years ago. Life, even for the wealthy, wasn’t exactly easy at any age and would have been harder as a person got older. But here’s Seneca an older than middle aged, wealthy individual finding what we consider our later years to be the most delightful.

There has to be something we can learn from there. And we can. We can strive to also make those years the most delightful for ourselves and for those we will share them with. We do this by setting aside some of our current wealth to carry us through those years. We do it by taking care of our bodies with our diets and our exercise regimens. We prepare to enjoy our downward slope by keeping our minds healthy with learning, conversation, reading, and new experiences.

We do not do this by acquiring wealth at the risk of compromising our integrity. In every situation, the best way to increase the amount of wealth we have is not to try to get more. It is always to need less. The less we need, the more we have.

virtus fortis vocat

The Dichotomy of Leadership


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