September 15

“Death, however, should be looked at in the face by the young and the old alike.” – Seneca

Life can be looked at as a large party. Like any party, there will be some parts of it we truly enjoy and there will be some parts of it that we dread. For some of us, we will dread arriving, we will dread making the small talk, we will dread having to use the bathroom with a line at the door. And for some of us, we will dread leaving.

But all parties end and eventually we all have to leave. Life is no different in that regard.

Life is different than a party in that we never really know when it will be our turn to leave the party.

It is also different in that every moment of the party is near the beginning for many and near the end for many at the same time.

We would be wise to prepare our minds for the end of our party. How do we do this?

By comparing the depth of experience and opportunities we have enjoyed to those who have already left the party. Seneca for example, would likely have been content to live a single day with the amount of knowledge and information available at our fingertips with the advent of the internet. And we take it for granted.

We have already been blessed with lives full of opportunity, we should keep that in mind as we travel through our days. We should be content with what we have been given thus far and should look at every day as a little bit extra.

virtus fortis vocat

The Dichotomy of Leadership


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