September 17

“Let us go to our sleep with joy and gladness; let us say: I have lived; the course which Fortune has set for me is finished.” – Seneca

Some of our long term goals will never be completed. We will all have things that are left unfinished when we finally leave this life.

But if we choose to look at our lives as a series of opportunities to create and live out the perfect day, we can end each day with the thought that we lived the best day we could have. Sure there are always going to be things we could have done better. We could have been kinder to our loved ones, helped people more than we did, been more productive, and on and on. But those things are going to be true on our final day as well.

If we are fortunate, we will wake up in the morning and will have been granted the opportunity to attempt to live another day as best we can.

If we can repeat this process every single day for the rest of our lives we will still never have a perfect day. But the days we will have five years from now will be a lot closer to our idea of the perfect day than the days we are having right now.

And that is a life goal worth exploring.

virtus fortis vocat

The Dichotomy of Leadership




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