September 18

“A person is happiest, and is secure in their own possession of themselves, who can await the morrow without apprehension. When a person has said, ‘I have lived,’ every morning they arise they receive a bonus.” – Seneca

We hear it so much that it is almost cliche, everyday is a gift. But at the same time, once we’ve experienced enough of life, we recognize that it’s also very true. Everyday there are so many things that could strip us of this life and take us away from our loved ones. To list them all would be an exercise in overwhelming ourselves with depressing thoughts.

And here comparing our own lives to the lives of other people around us, living on Earth right now, or even those who have come before us is a good way to recognize just how fortunate we are to be here, now.

And when we recognize how full our lives are already, we can appreciate how fortunate we are each morning to get another chance at getting this whole life thing right.

And we should try to do just that everyday. We should take the time and actually map out for ourselves what a perfect day would look like for us if we had to make one out of the lives we currently live. And then, we should aim to have days that mirror the day we have mapped out.

And we should try every day.

virtus fortis vocat

The Dichotomy of Leadership




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