September 19

“The best ideas are common property.” – Seneca

The best ideas are also commonly stolen. Just because another person has an idea we like, or even if an idea that we come up with has already been done, it doesn’t mean that our execution of the idea is going to be identical to the original.

And if we are going to execute on an idea that we share with someone else who has already had success with the same idea, we need to be able to capture the reason it was successful in the first place. The inspiration that the idea generated in our own minds, in our own lives. That is the part we want to steal. We need to find how the idea generated the inspiration and then we find a way to recreate it in our own way.

And that is how people create art, it is how they write books, it is how they start businesses, and it is how they build meaningful relationships. They look at the part of an idea that moved them and they find the way in which it moved them, and then they recreate it in their own way.

In that sense, we can take any idea, any thought, anything that means something to us and we can find a way to share that meaning through our own work.

And we should. Because that is how the world becomes a better place.

virtus fortis vocat


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