September 20

“For our powers can never inspire us in implicit faith in ourselves except when many difficulties have confronted us on this side and that, and have occasionally even come to close quarters with us.” – Seneca

If we go though life avoiding difficulty, avoiding conflict, and otherwise doing our best to avoid any discomfort we will end up soft, weak, and unable to offer anything of value to the people around us when they need us the most. Sound harsh? It is but then there are many things we will face in life that are at best, ambivalent to our feelings. Attaining the strength necessary to become the person that others look to when things get hard requires us to allow our feelings to be bashed about quite a bit before we are really useful in that arena.

So when we are faced with the opportunity to deal with an obstacle, have a difficult conversation, or hide from them instead, we should always choose the more difficult path. And if it helps we can look at the more difficult path as an opportunity to make ourselves a little better, a little stronger, and a little more useful. We can look at each difficulty as a type of training session or workout, preparing us to be in the best position possible to help others in the future.

And that should be our goal in most if not all things.

virtus fortis vocat


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