September 27

“For truth has its own definite boundaries, but that which arises from uncertainty is delivered over to guesswork and the irresponsible license of a frightened mind.” – Seneca

We are afraid of things we don’t understand. We tend to take things we don’t understand and assume the worst of them. The trouble with that is that often, the worst things we can imagine are far worse than the way things really are.

This leads to expectations about the world around us, when we have an expectation about the way things should go and they don’t go that way, we often will find ourselves unconsciously trying to control situations. This frustrates us, we try to control things more and we become more frustrated.

All the while, we still don’t have a better understand of the thing we were so afraid of in the first place that we allowed this frantic mental dance to begin. And so we are left again to our own imagination and we give it license to turn this thing we are afraid of into something really monstrous. And the cycle continues on.

We’d be fine if we were able to detach a little bit and recognize that we aren’t afraid, we just don’t understand. We’d be better off if we remembered to control the things we can control, ourselves. And by staying focused on what we can control and by remaining detached, we might just move ourselves to a place of better understanding.

And that is how we become better people.

virtus fortis vocat



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