September 29

“And even though it is ordained to be, what does it avail to run out to meet your suffering? You will suffer soon enough when it arrives, until then look forward to better things.” – Seneca

We are going to face hardships in our lives, we might be going through them right now, we might be looking forward to some in the near future, we might have no idea when the next hardship is coming. We have no control over these things.

What we don’t need to be doing is inviting hardships for no reason or creating extra hardships where we might otherwise enjoy some peace and time to focus on other things.

This is best illustrated in our personal relationships but likely if we put in a little effort we can translate it to just about any other situation as well.

A huge part of the friction, disagreements and fights we encounter in our relationships with others has more to do with our expectations of how they should be acting or what they should be saying or doing than it does with what they are actually doing. The good news there is that while we do not get to control the thoughts, words, or actions of other people, we do have complete control over our expectations of them. If we stop having expectations of people and just accept that they are going to be the way they are going to be, we will find ourselves less frustrated in our relationships and we will find ourselves less likely to rush out and create more hardships for ourselves.

virtus fortis vocat



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