September 30

“Even bad fortune is fickle. Perhaps it will come, perhaps not; in the meantime it is not. So look forward to better things.” – Seneca

We all know that bad things are going to happen to us in this life. Some bad things will be so minor that we might not even really consider them when we are thinking about bad things. Some are so terrible that we struggle to even comprehend the amount of influence they will have over our lives when they arrive. And we have absolutely no control over when bad things happen and what those bad things are.

But we do get to control our own thoughts, we get to control our own actions, and we get to control the way we choose to react to the world around us. We get to decide whether or not we are going to worry about the things that might happen, or if we are going to focus on the things we can control. We get to decide whether we would rather assume the worst or if we would rather do our best to prepare for whatever the future might hold and then allow that future to unfold as it will. We get to decide our own type of involvement in this life.

We also get to decide the type of people we would prefer to be. And we get to decide whether or not our actions are congruent with the type of person we would like to be one day.

We need to choose wisely.

virtus fortis vocat


One thought on “September 30

  1. There is a burgeoning understanding that our thoughts create our reality. Does that mean that when bad things happen to us – out of the blue – that we created it? I don’t know. There is also a belief held by some that our lives are the result of experiences we have chosen befor incarnating on earth. For learning. Soul lessons. Following that thread of thought to its logical conclusion it would mean the ‘bad’ experiences
    too are part of the fabric of our lives. It is a fascinating thing to think about and explore.


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