October 1

“But life is not worth living and there is no limit to our sorrows if we choose to indulge our fears to the greatest possible extent.” – Seneca

Our minds will lie to us. They will create worst case scenarios or worse, they will tell us we are doing just fine when in reality we need a serious course correction.

Our brains might tell us that we can’t quit drinking alcohol, how would we ever survive a social event? Our brains might tell us that we’re just not morning people. Or that we are absolutely justified in being upset by this thing or that thing we have zero control over.

And of course our brains will tell us to be afraid of things we do not understand. So afraid in fact, that we start to develop full on belief systems around things we have no idea about. And then we try to control these things. We don’t even understand them but we will try to control them.

And that doesn’t work. And we become frustrated. But our brains will lie to us and we will double down on attempting to control these things.

Or we can choose not to live like that. We can choose to control the thoughts we allow into our minds, we can control the words we choose to speak and we can choose to control how we act in this world.

And we can reap the benefits of a life well lived.

virtus fortis vocat



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