October 2

“We let ourselves drift with every breeze; we are frightened at uncertainties, just as if they were certain. We observe no moderation.” – Seneca

Today, more than any other time in recorded history we have the capability to avoid almost any information that runs counter to our current belief system. We can build for ourselves – purposefully or otherwise – a world in which we only have our current beliefs reinforced, never challenged, never objected to.

And we can take that as far as we want to. Sometimes we might catch ourselves taking it further than we mean to. We can lose friends, we can alienate our family members. All because we protect ourselves from ideas and thoughts we don’t agree with. All because we go too far in supporting our own ideas, even when they are clearly faulty.

This doesn’t just slow our progress as people. Creating our own little bubbles doesn’t only keep us from becoming the best people we can be. It makes us useless. Once we’ve gone as far as only seeing the world from a single perspective, we’ve removed our ability to relate to others or to be related to by others. We lose our effectiveness in setting an example and using that example to lead. We make ourselves into caricatures that can be easily dismissed due to our lack of understanding the nuances of the world we live in.

We can not be our best selves if we can not relate to others or have others relate to us. We need to be resolute in our positions and the only way to be resolute is to understand. The only way to understand is to learn.

virtus fortis vocat



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