October 3

“Reflect and you will see how revolting is the fickleness of men who lay down every day new foundations of life, and begin to build up fresh hopes even at the brink of the grave.” – Seneca

There is a balance to this, a certain juggling that has to be done to squeeze the lesson out of this particular piece of wisdom.

While it is important to remember that our lives aren’t over until we take our last breath, and that every day is another day we could do something productive to make ourselves better people and lessen the unnecessary suffering around us, we need to remember that we only control ourselves. But we also have to control ourselves.

When we have set a goal or decided on a specific path, we should also determine how long we are going to give that goal or path until we start to see results. And then we should probably double that amount of time and get to work. Putting our shoulders to the important tasks and forgetting the nagging voice in the back of our minds that tells us that we are wasting our time, not getting anywhere, and never going to see the results we want.

We should give ourselves the time and opportunity to succeed by not constantly taking on new projects or new tasks. We should run the course we have set.

And if life determines that our course has to change and we have to recreate ourselves, by all means, we should do that to the best of our ability. But we can’t control that. We can control sticking to the path we set.

And we should control what we can.

virtus fortis vocat


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