October 5

“Virtue is held too cheap by those who count their bodies too dear. We should cherish the body with the greatest care; but we should be prepared, when reason, self respect, and duty demand the sacrifice, to deliver it even to the flames.” – Seneca

There is a certain vanity that develops when we focus on living healthier lives. We can see the effects of healthy and unhealthy lifestyles in the people we encounter on a daily basis. As we start to see the results of our healthier lifestyles – and it only takes a few months to start to see actual results – we can develop a perspective about those who are clearly not making healthy life choices that is not as charitable as our best self would have it.

We forget that we only control ourselves, our actions, and our thoughts and that the lifestyles of others, especially those who do not come into contact with ours, are of no concern to us.

It may also become more important to us at one point to stop focusing so much on a healthier lifestyle and focus on other things. Perhaps we will need to spend more time getting our family’s finances on track, perhaps we will need to focus on fleeing a war, or maybe we just will need to focus on being better people and we might realize that the vanity that comes with a healthy lifestyle is holding us back.

Will we be ready to abandon our bodies to preserve our integrity?

virtus fortis vocat


2 thoughts on “October 5

  1. I really enjoy reading your pieces on Stoicism. I wonder if you would mind if I use some of them in a discussion group I am starting next Tuesday (2hrs each Tuesday in October). I have a range of resources and would like to add your thoughts to the mix. Is that okay with you?

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