October 7

“Let us, therefore, see to it that we abstain from giving offence.” – Seneca

Life can be a bit of a winding road, people we meet today may play huge roles in our lives in the future and the people we rely on now may very well be people we remember by then.

We never know the role another person is going to play for us. The person who accidentally takes our seat on the subway, or speaks over us in a meeting might very well be the person who can help us solve an issue we’ve been struggling with for some time now.

We should be charitable with the feelings and disposition of other people. We should take some time before we act and think about the consequences of our actions. This takes two things that take time to develop; discipline and detachment.

We can’t take the time to look at our actions and think about the consequences without implementing the practice every single day. In every single situation. This will slow down our responses to things and we will have to accept that we will react slower, but that we will ultimately be reacting better to the world around us. Implementing this practice and sticking with it through the frustration of getting better at it takes discipline.

In order to look at our actions in a way that allows us to actually affect our behavior in a positive direction, we need to be able to detach from the situation and look at everything from the outside. This takes practice, understanding when to detach, how far to remove ourselves, and what to do with the information will take us time to get better at. We will never be perfect, sometimes we will fail but detachment is the number one things we can do to improve the way we react to the way around us.

It will take a lifetime to perfect but learning not to offend those around us is a skill that will help us in ways we might not have ever experienced otherwise.

virtus fortis vocat


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