October 15

“He who craves riches feels fear on their account. No man, however, enjoys a blessing that brings anxiety; he is always trying to add a little more.” – Seneca

We all want to be comfortable, we all want to feel secure, and we all want to stay comfortable and secure for as long as possible. And there is nothing wrong with that. It is fine to prefer nice things, it is fine to prefer to live well, and it is fine to prefer wealth over poverty. In fact, we’d have to have something wrong with us to prefer life the other way around.

But to prefer something is not the same thing as to crave it or to desire it. Sure, we’d rather have a nice house, but we know full well we can be comfortable in a small house or apartment. Sure, we’d like to have a nice car but most of us could get by with public transportation and for those of us who can’t, a car that does the job is just as well.

When we fall into the trap of allowing ourselves to want something, to make it a priority in our lives, something we know we can live without, we open the door to allowing ourselves to feel like we are entitled to something. When we start to form expectations about having some luxury by right, we are setting ourselves up to be disappointed, and possibly miserable.

And worse than that, we are getting in the way of becoming the best possible versions of ourselves.

virtus fortis vocat


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