October 18

“It is more important for you to keep the resolutions you have already made than to go on and make noble ones.” – Seneca

We can all have ideas. In fact, sitting around and coming up with ideas is something that anyone can be really good at with very little practice or training. The more we do it, the grander those ideas can become. And how much are all of those grand ideas worth? Nothing.

An idea only has value when it is put into action, when the plan is executed on, and the idea is made into something real. Something that impacts the world in some way. Even if it is a very small way.

And a small idea put into action, realized, and learned from will always be more valuable than a grand plan that never sees the world outside the dreamer’s mind.

So while we could look at our small plans and we could shrug and tell ourselves those plans don’t matter, we need better plans, better ideas. It is exactly those small plans, the little things we are doing now that will lead to bigger and better things.

Because having an idea is one thing, but we need to learn how to turn those ideas into realities and like anything else, that takes time, effort, and persistence. We need to learn how to execute.

virtus fortis vocat


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