October 19

“Riches ave shut off many a man from the attainment of wisdom; poverty is unburdened and free from care.” – Seneca

Not just material poverty but also the attainment of some level of success can be just as large an obstacle on the path to working on ourselves. We have all accomplished something, and that something is going to be a little bit different for each of us. But we all could find a reason or an excuse to effectively rest on our laurels and scrape by with the fruits of our current level of achievement.

And of course, many of us do just that. We fall into a rut where we work tour jobs, we live our lives and we kind of attach blinders to the rest of the world and even to ourselves. Or we might look at how far we have come and say to ourselves that the way we are right now is just fine and we need no further improvement.

And then we find ourselves frustrated, we find ourselves not enjoying our work, or our relationships, or our own lives and we wonder why.

It’s because we have stopped improving, we have stopped trying to be better people, we have stopped trying to be better at what we do. We have stopped trying to get better.

We will never be complete but that doesn’t mean we get to stop trying.

virtus fortis vocat



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