October 22

“Therefore one should not seek to lay up riches first; one may attain to philosophy, however, even without money for the journey.” – Seneca

When we decide to make a change towards being the person we want to be we should make realistic goals and set them within a realistic time frame. Real changes take about three to six months to start to see them. Most major life changes will become normal to us around the three to five year mark and then there are certainly some things we may want for ourselves that take a lifetime to accomplish.

It makes sense then, especially if we are new to making changes in our lives, to start with goals that are three to six months out there. We can think about where we would like to see ourselves in three to six months. And we should be realistic.

The nice things about choosing to sit down and map out the changes we would like to see in ourselves three to six months from now is that when we set those goals and we get started, we will feel differently immediately. We will even start to see results sooner than we expect.

And we don’t need to wait until we have this sorted out or we have our finances in order, we can literally sit down, make a list of things we want to see change in the next six months, determine which of those things are possible, pick our favorite two things and start today.

And we should.

virtus fortis vocat


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