October 25

“We shall be rich with all the more comfort, if we once learn how far poverty is from being a burden.” – Seneca

It can be easy to take all of the comforts and luxuries we have in our lives for granted. Most – if not all of us – know where our next meal is coming from, we will be safe from the elements tonight when we go to bed, we have clean running water, and if we are reading this on line, we likely also have electricity. It’s easy to forget that these things are luxuries when we compare ourselves to a large number of our fellow humans.

When we catch ourselves taking these things for granted, expecting them to be there and not being grateful for them when they are, we should take a few days and try living without one or two of the luxuries we are taking for granted.

We would be grateful for on demand electricity when we had it if we decided to live without it for a few days. The same would go for the internet, running water, and the food we are used to having whenever we want it.

Not that we should deny ourselves these things regularly, but we’d do well for ourselves to even just imagine life without them. If we feel like we’re struggling with imaging it, we should try an exercise where we go without.

virtus fortis vocat


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