October 27

“The outcome of a mighty anger is madness, and hence anger should be avoided, not merely that we may escape excess, but that we may have a healthy mind.” – Seneca

Emotional discipline. It is the one skill we can learn and develop that will make the most difference for us in this life. Becoming the person who keeps their calm in the face of a crisis involves disciplining our emotional response to the crisis and to the other people who are going to be involved.

But emotional discipline isn’t easy. In fact, it is also likely to be the most difficult thing we ever learn to do and it will likely take more than a lifetime to fully master.

But it is something that we can learn to recognize in ourselves immediately and something we can begin getting better at today. Likely within the next few hours. It is a skill we should prioritize and we should not only recognize it when we fail at keeping our emotions in check, we should also teach ourselves to recognize why allowing our emotions to rule us gets in the way of accomplishing the things we want to accomplish.

Emotional discipline will help us stop internalizing the things we shouldn’t even be allowing to affect us. Emotional discipline will help us solve problems faster without being distracted by how we are feeling. Emotional discipline will allow us to save our emotional responses for the things in life that deserve them.

Emotional discipline will set us free to work on the rest of our progress.

virtus fortis vocat


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