October 29

“The highest duty and proof of wisdom – that deed and word should be in accord, that a person should be equal to themselves under all conditions, and always the same.”               – Seneca

We can say all kinds of things in this life, we can give all kinds of advice, we can explain the rules of whatever game we think we are playing as often as we like, but if our actions are not in concert with our words we are inconsistent and our message doesn’t matter. Even if we have the best of ideas, if we can’t put them into practice in our own lives, no one is going to listen to us. Worse than that, people see right through that behavior and will look down on us. Rightly so.

But living by our own words is difficult, it takes time and we will have to practice before we become good enough at it to feel like our actions and our words are always in step.

The easier thing to do in life is to keep our mouths shut. This requires little to no energy to accomplish and has the same effect as getting our actions in line. In fact, it is even better than that because we will have an even greater impact if we aren’t talking to people about the path we are on and instead, we wait to show them with the way we act. This works well because it is not expected of us because we’ve been quietly living our best life.

And we can continue to do that for the rest of our lives.

virtus fortis vocat


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