October 31

“It is the mark of a noble spirit not to precipitate oneself into such things on the ground that they are better, but to practice for them on the ground until they are easy to endure.” – Seneca

There are things right now, and there are always likely going to be things going forward, that irritate us and do not bring out the best in us. Some of them are going to surprise us, but most of them are things that we could readily identify if we sat down and thought about it for a few minutes.

We could continue to allow those things to irritate us and we could continue to be somewhat taken aback each time they arrive and ruin our mood. We could continue to throw ourselves into the mix of difficulties that life throws at us with little planning and no adjustment of our position.

Or we could identify the things that are most commonly the source of our hardship and our frustration and we could train to meet them. We could prepare our minds to deal with life’s frustrations, we could hone our abilities to deal with the situations that end up causing us the most trouble in life, and we could remember that we can only control so much.

As we start on that path, we will find that it is slightly more difficult but that life becomes less irritating and more rewarding at the same time.

virtus fortis vocat


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